Food trends to expect in 2017

//Food trends to expect in 2017

Food trends to expect in 2017

Our chefs at Nolan’s Restaurant cook up coastal favorites, but they are always on the lookout for unique, tasty dishes to offer.

Some exciting food trends are making their way to tables this year. Bon Appetit magazine spotlighted a few in a recent article. Have you spotted cauliflower on more menus? You may be soon, with whole-roasted and fried versions popping up.

Heard someone order Amaro? This after-dinner drink is an Italian bittersweet, herbal liqueur that makes an excellent cocktail. In general, look for the trend of crafted cocktails to continue.

However, BBC Good Foods predicts low-alcohol drinks will “become more niche.” Generation Y doesn’t drink as much as previous generations, so restaurants could also see a rise in specialty, no-alcohol concoctions.

Locally sourced food will continue to be a restaurant trend. At Nolan’s, we are proud to serve gulf seafood as part of our menu. If you have a question about where we get the seafood, just ask your server!

Discerning diners put more effort into learning the source of their beef, too. Prime cuts are highly desirable. Nolan’s Restaurant hand-cuts and trims our steaks daily. We serve only USDA-choice corn-fed beef, slightly aged for tenderness and taste.

Is there a trend you’d like to see at your favorite neighborhood restaurant? Share your suggestions with us.

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