How to choose and cook Gulf seafood

//How to choose and cook Gulf seafood

How to choose and cook Gulf seafood

We welcome visitors to savor some delicious seafood dishes by dining at Nolan’s Restaurant & Lounge while on the Alabama coast.

But, for those times you want to buy shrimp at a local seafood market to take back to the condo to boil, grill or fry it with your family, here are some tips.

First, you want to make sure it is fresh seafood from the Alabama Gulf Coast. There are some great markets right here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, or drive over to one of the markets in Bon Secour for a true coastal experience. They’ll fill your cooler with shrimp (or crabs, fish and oysters), cover it with ice and even pack it to ship back home.

Seafood comes fresh and frozen. Don’t let the “frozen” label deter you. Often the seafood is frozen as soon as it is caught, so it is not a bad way to buy it. Ask the seller where the seafood was caught and how long ago.

Decide what you want to cook and how you want to cook it. You can find fish already filleted and crab meat already picked out for you. You can even get that shrimp peeled and de-veined if you don’t want to do that yourself.

Most of the markets also have seasoning and lemons, so go ahead and pick some of that up, too.

Once you get back to the condo, get the grill (or oven) going.

For all the times you want to treat yourself, come into Nolan’s Restaurant in Gulf Shores and leave the cooking to us.

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