How to properly order a steak

//How to properly order a steak

How to properly order a steak

The first step to properly ordering a steak when visiting the Alabama coast is to pick the right restaurant – and Nolan’s Restaurant is known as a great place for steak.

Even though a restaurant may serve steak, it may not be the best thing to order there. You want to enjoy the right cuts of beef, and only USDA-certified beef. We cover all those bases at Nolan’s.

What’s the right size? An eight-ounce portion is perfect for most people. Our 8-ounce filet mignon is outstanding. But for those with a larger appetite, our menu also features a 16-ounce tenderloin, a 16-ounce choice cut ribeye and a 24-ounce “whaler” ribeye.

How do you order your steak? Medium rare is warm and red in the center. Rare steak is cool and red in the center, while well done is brown all the way through. These definitions can vary from place to place, so describe the color of the meat you want to your Nolan’s server. Well-marbled prime meat is all about the fat, so if you order it well done, that defeats the purpose.

If you have a special diet, or allergies, be specific with your server about how you want the steak – perhaps without seasonings, for example. We offer several sauces and toppings, but you may opt to have your steak “plain” or with sauce on the side.

No matter how you want your steak cooked, it will be prepared to perfection when you visit Nolan’s Restaurant in Gulf Shores.

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