Nolan’s dessert coffees

//Nolan’s dessert coffees

Nolan’s dessert coffees

It’s always nice to have a coffee to end a wonderful dinner with friends and family. At Nolan’s Restaurant & Lounge, we add a little something-something to those after-dinner dessert coffees that you enjoy.

For example, we whip up our Millionaire’s Coffee with Bailey’s Irish Creme, Frangelico and Kahlua before topping it off with whipped cream, amaretto and allspice.

Or how about the Keoke Coffee, a rich blend of spiced rum, brandy and Kahlua, topped with whipped cream?

A longtime customer favorite is our Irish Coffee made with Bushmills Irish whiskey (what else?) and topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of green creme de menthe.

Of course, you can have a black coffee and dessert instead. Whatever your choice, head over to the Lounge afterward for plenty of dancing to the sounds of our band.

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