Three oyster myths busted, and one confirmed

//Three oyster myths busted, and one confirmed

Three oyster myths busted, and one confirmed

Do you love oysters? We do, and we proudly serve oysters from a local supplier: Bon Secour Fisheries. But there are a few misconceptions about these delicacies we’d like to clear up.

First is the idea that raw oysters should only be eaten in months with the letter “R.” It used to be assumed that oysters were not safe to eat during warmer or “non-R” months. That’s no longer the case. While warmer-than-average water temperatures can increase some bacteria, the USDA carefully monitors instances of illness, and strict standards ensure it’s safer than ever to consume raw oysters year-round.

The second false idea about oysters is that they must be paired with champagne or white wine. If you enjoy your oysters with Sauvignon blanc or chardonnay, we have some very good varieties on our wine list. But oysters also go great with a cold beer.

Another misconception about oysters is that they are unhealthy (we never understood how this one got started). They are actually good for you. Whether you consume oysters grilled, baked or raw, you can benefit from a low-fat food that is packed with minerals and vitamins. Some of those include vitamins C and B12, omega-3 fat, selenium, iron and zinc.

And what about the adage that oysters are aphrodisiacs? Well, there could be something to that one. Scientists researching bivalve mollusks found they are rich in rare amino acids that increase a person’s libido.

Now that you are free of the old untruths, come by Nolan’s to enjoy a dozen, maybe baked as appetizers or served fried.


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