What do you know about oysters?

//What do you know about oysters?

What do you know about oysters?

Folks who visit the Alabama coast love sinking their teeth into some of our locally harvested oysters.

At Nolan’s Restaurant, we serve oyster dishes with shellfish we get from Bon Secour Fisheries. Do you enjoy savoring the delicious flavor of an oyster? Just how much do you know about these delicacies?

Did you know, for example, that the oysters harvested in Alabama waters are the Eastern oyster? Our consistently warm waters give the oysters a little sweeter and less salty flavor than the varieties found in the North.

Have you heard the old adage to only eat oysters in months with an “r”? It’s old-school; it was established because lack of refrigeration meant oysters weren’t safe to eat during the summer. With modern refrigeration, they can be harvested and eaten year-round, according to Alabama Gulf Seafood.

Oysters live on reefs made of old, broken shells. They thrive in an area where salt and fresh waters mix – in estuaries such as bays and rivers. With all our large bays along the coast, Alabama waters make a great home where these shellfish can thrive.

Do you eat raw oysters? Some folks like them with nothing but a cracker and a little hot sauce. But skilled chefs find a variety of ways to prepare them, including baked oysters Rockefeller, baked oysters Bienville, or golden fried to perfection.

Come enjoy some at Nolan’s tonight.

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