Why buying locally sourced food is important

//Why buying locally sourced food is important

Why buying locally sourced food is important

At Nolan’s Restaurant, we are proud to serve our guests locally sourced produce and seafood whenever possible.

There are several reasons why restaurants should buy local. One is just the common-sense reason that locally sourced food is fresher. Getting our produce from a local farm means it hasn’t traveled as far – or taken as much time – to reach its destination.

Buying local also helps the local economy. As a small business, we understand the need to grow a strong business community. Buying local keeps jobs and money in our local economy.

We benefit from the strong connections we build with local fisheries and farmers. We can work with them one-on-one to develop relationships and create opportunities in the future.

We also benefit from adding foods of local interest to our menu. Our chefs can get creative with the varieties of seasonal vegetables. Our informed diners are often looking for fresh Gulf of Mexico seafood or locally sourced oysters, which we get from Bon Secour Fisheries.

By buying local, we get healthier, fresher choices that translate into delicious dishes, and our purchases benefit the local economy. That’s a win-win for all of us, don’t you think?

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