Why you should visit the Alabama coast in the fall

//Why you should visit the Alabama coast in the fall

Why you should visit the Alabama coast in the fall

Temperatures may not feel like autumn yet, but one of our favorite times of year is here.

Why is it one of the best seasons to visit the Alabama coast? Glad you asked.

First up, it’s less crowded on the beach, but still warm enough to swim in the gulf or the condo pool. In fact, you may even have that pool all to yourself. In fact, average high temperatures in September and October are in the mid-70s. Perfect for just about everything you want to do at the beach.

Second, it’s less crowded at local restaurants, including here at Nolan’s. That means no wait, and plenty of room on our dance floor for when you want to work off that incredibly hearty meal you just enjoyed.

Another great thing about fall is that you’ll meet more locals out and about. They may hole up a little during the summer, but this is our area’s time to shine. And locals know where to eat, drink and enjoy all the best the coast has to offer. Come sit a spell at our patio bar and you’ll see what we mean.

Fourth, the National Shrimp Festival is set October 12th – 15th. That’s reason enough to visit in the fall.

Finally, you can get great deals on condo rentals this time of year. Of course, we have year ‘round specials in the Nolan’s Lounge, so come check that out, too.

So, what are you waiting on. Get yourself down to the beach now. Drop by Nolan’s Restaurant and Lounge while you’re in town.

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