Wine pairings for Nolan’s signature entrees

//Wine pairings for Nolan’s signature entrees

Wine pairings for Nolan’s signature entrees

When you dine with us at Nolan’s Restaurant, be prepared to enjoy a great memory with your meal. We pull out all the stops to make sure you have an excellent experience, and that means knowing what wine pairs well with the dishes you order.

A sparkling Italian Prosecco makes the perfect companion with one of our appetizers like bacon-wrapped shrimp or lump crab cakes. Of course, you also can’t go wrong with a nice champagne.

If you go with the seared pepper tuna, choose a white wine like a Pinot Gris or a bright, crisp Sauvignon Blanc. A full-bodied Chablis is a classic pairing with oysters, and an Albarino from Spain goes nicely with shrimp or grilled fish.

If your entree choice includes one of our USDA choice, hand-cut steaks, look at a red to complement your meal. A nice Cabernet goes well with a filet mignon, while a spicy Syrah or earthy Malbec work well with grilled meats.

When it comes to dessert, a late-harvest Riesling makes a great match to our creme brûlée. Or try a Pinot Noir or Port with the George’s Famous Warm Fudge Pie.

If you’re not certain which wine to try, be sure to ask our expert wait staff.


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